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Workshop & Servicing

At Greenrig Cycles, we offer comprehensive and expert bike servicing and repairs to cater to all your cycling needs. Our team's extensive knowledge and years of experience make us your ideal partner for top-tier service.

We understand that your time is precious, and convenience is key. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and efficient bike servicing and repairs, ensuring that you're back on the road or trail in no time. Use our free online booking widget below, making booking in your bike simple and convenient, or call us on 01324 639619 to discus your requirements and get your bike booked in.


Greenrig Cycles are a certified Bosch service centre, we specialize in E-bike servicing. Our technicians are trained to handle electric bike maintenance, ensuring your E-bike remains in peak condition. Whether it's addressing battery issues or optimizing your electric-assist system, we have the expertise to keep your E-bike running smoothly.

At Greenrig Cycles, we're not just about servicing bikes; we're about servicing your cycling experience. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Visit us today for fast, convenient, and expert bike servicing, and let us ensure your two-wheeled companion is ready for your next adventure.

Service Types

Stage 1 Service

This is essentially the final stage of all our Set Services, but it can be performed as a stand-alone service on any bike that is in good mechanical condition.

Includes tuning brakes and gears to work as well as possible, looking at; brake bite points, minimising noise and drag from brake systems and maximising power. Correcting gear setups for smooth shifting and setting safety stops to minimise dropped chains.

This service includes;


  • Ensure both brakes installed and operate correctly with sufficient stopping power
  • Ensure brake pads or blocks are in a useable condition
  • Ensure both brake cables/ hoses are in a safe and useable condition


  • Ensure derailleurs are installed correctly, check gear cable condition and shifter function correct
  • Gear indexing adjustments (Gear Shifting)
  • Check chain ware.


  • Check tyre and rim condition, check and adjust tyre pressures.
  • Cranks, pedals and wheel fastenings checked for tightness.
  • Check headset moves freely.
  • Check and adjust stem bolts for tightness.
  • Advise if further work required.

E-BIKE STAGE 1 is the mechanical service outlined above with the addition of 'Bosch/ Shimano e-bike drive system only'


Stage 2 Service

Our first level mechanical service with basic preventative maintenance. Ideal for occasional use bikes and as an interim service for regular use and performance bikes. This service includes all the elements of our Stage 1 plus the following additional work;

Hubs and Wheels

  • Wheels removed and hubs inspected. Loose ball hubs split and regreased. Sealed cartridge hub bearing condition checked. Accessible freehub rachets inspected and lubricated.
  • Spoke tension, rim and tyre/ pressure condition checked including lateral wheel true for minor buckles.
  • Headset function checked and adjusted.

Brakes and Gears

  • Brake function checked. Pads, discs and rim condition assessed. Brake calliper alignment adjusted as required
  • Gear system adjusted and tuned with externally routed gear cables replaced as required. Internally routed cables may incur additional labour cost
  • Derailleur hanger alignment checked.
  • Chain lubricated and drivetrain wear and condition checked.


  • Crank/ Crank bolts inspected and torqued. Bottom bracket and bearings checked and adjusted as required
  • Pedals removed and inspected. Threads anti seized and refitted to correct torque
  • Seatpost removed, cleaned and appropriately lubricated
  • Handlebar and stem bolts checked and torqued
  • Frame and forks visually inspected for damage or cracks

Additional service elements can be added as required e.g. Brake Bleed, Calliper Service, Frame Bearing inspection (full suspension bikes). Any additional parts / labour will be discussed prior to completion.

STAGE 2 E-BIKE SERVICE includes all elements of the mechanical service listed above with the additon of 'Bosch/ Shimano e-bike drive system only'

Stage 3 Services

Our most comprehensive and detailed service option. Ideal for regular and frequent use performance bikes when reliability and performance are crucial. Our Stage 3 service is a complete strip down of the bike and includes all the elements of our Stage 1 and 2 packages plus those itemised below. Crucially there are no additional labour costs for the removal, fitting and replacement of parts.

  • Full drivetrain, stripped, inspected for damage and ware and cleaned with parts replaced as required
  • Front and rear hubs stripped, cleaned and inspected. Bearing condition assessed then cleaned and greased or replaced as required
  • Freehub pawls and engagement checked. Freehub bearings inspected, cleaned as required or replaced. All parts lubricated as required.
  • Headset stripped, inspected, cleaned and bearings serviced or replaced - particularly if cables routed through.
  • Bottom bracket cleaned and inspected with bearings and/ or cups replaced as required. Threaded style bottom brackets will be completely removed.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes fully bled (Mineral or DOT) with pads replaced as required.
  • Brake calliper pistons balanced for optimal performance.
  • Gear and dropper post cables replaced as required. Gear cables are included FOC in this service.
  • Wheels trued and dished correctly, spoke tension checked and corrected.
  • Tubeless tyre sealant and valves checked.
  • Bar tape removed and refitted if required.

Any parts required are charged additionally e.g. Bearings, drive components etc. Gear cables are included FOC.

STAGE 3 E-BIKE SERVICE includes all the ellements of the mechanical service listed above plus 'Bosch/ Shimano e-bike drive system only'


  • Suspension units removed
  • Frame linkage disassembled, cleaned and inspected
  • Bearings either flushed, repacked or replaced (as required) with high quality marine grease.
  • Pivot bolt inspected and refitted with anti-seize.
STAGE 3 E-BIKE SERVICE FULL SUSPENSION includes all elements of STAGE 3 SERVICE FULL SUSPENSION as well as 'Bosch/ Shimano e-bike drive system only'
Suspension Servicing

From £90

We are Central Scotlands only dedicated suspension service centre, your destination for fast and efficient suspension servicing. We understand that your off-road adventures depend on the performance of your suspension system, and that's why we're dedicated to providing top-notch, in-house servicing. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in a variety of suspension brands, including industry giants like Fox and Rockshox.

Whether you're riding with a Fox or Rockshox suspension, you can trust us to fine-tune it to perfection. We know that every rider's needs are unique, and we tailor our servicing to match your specific requirements. At Greenrig, we take pride in our quick and efficient turnaround times, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time riding. Our in-house expertise, combined with our commitment to excellence, guarantees that your suspension system will be operating at its best, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence.

Don't let a poorly performing suspension slow you down. Visit us or book online for fast, efficient, and expert suspension servicing, and experience the thrill of off-road adventures like never before.

Bosch/ Shimano E-Bike Motor Service

From £59

You would be amazed just how much dirt and moisture build up inside the frame of modern e-bikes. Our e-bike specific service plan helps eradicate and prevent common issues that prevent peak motor and e-bike performance.

Greenrig Cycles is a Bosch, Shimano STEPS and TQ motor approved service centre. We offer a comprehensive motor specific service that includes the removal and cleaning of your e-bike motor, a thorough inspection of the motor casing, bearings, mounting hardware and wiring harness. The battery is also cleaned and visually inspected with all terminals and connections cleaned and inspected, ensuring they are free from corrosion and making a good electrical connection. We run a full plug in diagnostic scan ensuring any fault codes are rectified and cleared plus any relevant soft/ firmware updates. A full customer specific service report is also generated for Bosch and Shimano motor systems.

Please note that this service is for the motor and battery system only and does not include a mechanical service on the rest of the bike i.e. brakes/ gears/ steering. Please select one of our set service plans in conjunction with a Bosch/ Shimano E-bike service.



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